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First Surgery Performed Using Augmented Reality System

Sara Rice, Social Media Intern, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)

Advances in health and medicine technology have helped improve the lives of patients around the world, and now augmented reality is helping in the operating room. Doctors have been using 3D models and simulations to prepare for some types of procedures, but according to Dr. Wendell Gibby, the neurologist who performed the first augmented reality surgery, this is the first time those technologies have been tried on a patient.

A leader in augmented reality, Microsoft (a Consumer Technology Association (CTA) member) shows how the technology can be used for more than viral games and selfie filters. Microsoft’s HoloLens and Novarad’s OpenSight AR System was used to display a 3D version of the patient’s CT scans onto the patient in real time.  Check out video from the surgical team demonstrating the procedure.