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We hear you

Gary Shapiro, President and CEO, Consumer Technology Association
Diversity and inclusion are fundamental values at CTA, the owner and producer of CES. They are a core part of who we are. We celebrate our differences, recognizing that having a wide range of views and experiences makes us stronger and leads to more creative outcomes.
Our deeds match our words. Women have taken the CES keynote stage 15 times in the last seven years. Last year, we had more than 275 women speakers. And with more than four dozen women entrepreneurs in our Eureka Park startup area at CES 2018, we’re on the lookout for our industry’s next visionaries and executives.
The progress we have made over the years to diversify the show is due in large part to the efforts of our CES executive team, which is 100 percent female, headed by our Senior Vice President Karen Chupka. In fact, about two-thirds of CTA’s staff is female, with more than half of our senior staff positions held by women.
I’ve written extensively about the critical role of diversity in innovation, pushing for immigration reform and gender identity laws that enable companies to hire the best and brightest regardless of gender identity, nation of origin, ethnicity or sexual orientation. Thus, I was stung by the online backlash expressing outrage that no women were among the CES keynote speakers announced to date. The exclusive focus on keynotes in my view insults the hundreds of women who are speakers at CES in January.
Diversity abounds at CES. The number of women on the keynote stage will fluctuate each year in part based on the business needs of individual companies. I prefer to focus on spotlighting the remarkable women throughout the show who are impacting innovation.
We’re proud to have women founders, CEOs, CMOs, chief counsel, government leaders and others speak at CES 2018. You’ll hear their voices, perspectives and industry insights.
I am proud of our record. I know we can do better. Diversity is a key ingredient for innovation.
More big announcements are still to come for CES 2018 – stay tuned. And I hope to see you January 9-12 in Las Vegas.