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World's Smallest Surgical Robot Could Revolutionize Surgery

Sara Rice, Social Media Intern, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)

Robotically-assisted surgeries have been around for decades and have helped enhance the capabilities of surgeons. However, the expensive surgical robots that are used in hospitals today can’t be easily adapted for other types of surgeries and their size makes them difficult to use. A team of scientists and engineers from Cambridge Medical Robotics have designed the next generation of robots that could revolutionize surgery.

Using low-cost technology that was developed for mobile phones, engineers were able to develop the world’s smallest surgical robot specifically designed for minimally-invasive procedures. The robot, called Versius, was modelled after the human arm and includes four wrist joints that mimic the wrist’s precision and flexibility. The result is a robotic arm that gives surgeons unprecedented versatility and flexibility in the operating room.

Versius is able to carry out a range of minimally-invasive surgeries like hernia repairs, colorectal operations, and ear, nose and throat surgery. It will make these surgeries more efficient and safer while improving patient recovery times. It will also cost less than half the price of traditional surgical robots and because it can be used in a variety of laparoscopic procedures it is a cost effective solution for hospitals.

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