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These Sensors Will Prevent Kids and Pets from Being Left in Hot Cars

Sara Rice, Social Media Intern, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)

For many, summertime means no school, spending more time outside and taking trips to the beach. Summer also brings higher temperatures, and temperatures inside cars can rise rapidly — sometimes to extremes within minutes. Babies and pets are especially at risk of injury or death in hot cars.

Researchers at sensors company IEE Sensing have devised a way to prevent these tragedies. They developed an electronic sensor that uses radio frequency waves, similar to those used in automatic doors, to detect even the smallest movements, like breathing.

If the sensor, called VitaSense, detects movements inside a car it will send an alert to a connected smartphone as well as deploy the vehicle’s warning system.  By reminding drivers of the passengers/occupants left in the car, VitaSense could increase safety and maybe even save lives.

IEE believes these sensors can be installed by some car manufacturers as soon as next year. Check out the video below to see the lifesaving technology in action.


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