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These Headphones Will Help You Work Out Smarter

Kelsey Davis, Manager, Digital Media, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)

Gone are the days where you just laced up your sneakers and hit the pavement for your daily run — tech has taken personal fitness to a whole new level. There are so many tech wearables that can help you optimize your workouts, and KuaiFit (a Consumer Technology Association [CTA] member) aims to roll all the tech you need for your workout into one device.

We had a chance to speak with their team about the technology.

How was KuaiFit first created? What problem were you trying to solve when developing the technology?

Kuai was born out of the need to exercise more efficiently. Our CEO and founder, Carlos Marco Rider, was a triathlete and marathoner who felt that using a heart-rate chest strap, a foot-pod, a phone (for music) and carrying or memorizing training plans was a distraction from exercise and not useful in accelerating progress.So KuaiFit was created.  A multisport device that measures your heart rate; trains you with adaptive, voice-coaching training plans; plays music; and connects to a multitude of devices for ease of actionable data, helps users achieve more with less.

Tell us a little about how the KuaiFit headphones work.

KuaiFit Headphones are a comprehensive cardio training tool. Users can add their music to the device’s 8GB memory, download training plans from our online store and set their workout settings from their online account.

When you do the training, the device talks to you by either keeping you in the correct heart-rate zone via a training plan method, or alerting and notifying you of your workout data via a free training method. Users can hear their biometric or workout data in real time and use this data to improve their training. All the while listening to their favorite music.

What is next for KuaiFit?

We have feature-rich and basic version headphones in the pipeline but also new products that we cannot yet talk about. But all KuaiFit products are created with more efficient exercise in mind.

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