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Facebook Creates a Home for Original Video Content

Sara Rice, Social Media Intern, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)

Facebook (a Consumer Technology Association [CTA] member) is hoping to be a one-stop shop for publishers’ video content. The social media giant, with over 2 billion total users, will be launching a new feature that will host original programming.

‘Watch’, will include personalized recommendations for users as well as the ability to subscribe to updates of favorite shows. Users will be able to chat and connect with others in real time during an episode. Another benefit for users is that Watch is a cross-platform feature that can be viewed on all devices.

Facebook hopes to offer content creators and users a different way to interact. As more and more people turn to Facebook to watch videos, Watch will help users connect with brands and publishers in hopes of creating a sense of community. The shows will range from live coverage of sports games, reality TV and scripted shows. Examples include a behind the scenes show with WNBA players, a series featuring internet star Fiona the Hippo and a docuseries from the creator of Humans of New York. Watch a trailer for the docuseries below.

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