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Which U.S States Prioritize Innovation and Sustainability?

Dan Moyer, Manager, Environmental Law and Policy Initiatives, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)

Environmental policies across the states should ensure innovation while maintaining environmental sustainability. Nebraska, Arkansas, Delaware and Utah are the leading the country in pro-innovation policies that strike the ideal balance between these twin responsibilities.

These four states have developed programs that collaborate with the technology industry to responsibly recycle electronics while not unnecessarily burdening manufacturers. In addition, the policies in these states have the added benefit of allowing local control of their electronics recycling systems, so local governments can do what works best for them.  

Nebraska showed leadership in innovation-friendly sustainable policies by embracing an e-waste pilot project in 2016 in which the state and tech industry work together to improve the state’s e-waste system without costly mandates.

Arkansas is distinct in its electronics recycling system, which is financed through landfill fees. The newly collected money then goes back to the counties to effectively manage their recycling programs.

The Delaware Solid Waste Authority electronics recycling program provides excellent collection opportunities to local consumers. By sharing responsibility, the state’s system ensures the efficient recycling of a large share of the state’s electronics.

Utah’s e-waste program collaborates with the tech industry to provide efficient electronics recycling without a costly mandate.

Innovation-friendly sustainable policies like these were part of 10 metrics in our third annual Innovation Scorecard that evaluates U.S. states’ policies on innovation.

Check out the Innovation Scorecard to learn how your state and the rest of the U.S. is welcoming innovation and tech into their state legislation.