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This Fitbit VP Talks Wearables, Fitness Data and Workplace Equality

Kelsey Davis, Manager, Digital Media, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)

Amy McDonough was one of Fitbit’s first employees back in 2008, before Fitbit was the household name it is today. She is now the Vice President and General Manager of the Fitbit Health Group.

We had the chance to speak with Amy about what is going on in fitness technology and how workplace equality is important, especially in a male-dominated tech industry. 

How did you get your start in the technology industry? What is your background?
Prior to Fitbit, I held several strategic roles at CNET Networks, including the Director of Audience and Content Development for the Community Division and Director of Strategic Partnerships for the Network. I started as one of the first employees at Fitbit in 2008, and have scaled the Group Health business and team into a multi-disciplinary dedicated team covering business development, marketing/PR, customer success, product and customer support.

What do you handle in your current position at Fitbit?
I am the Vice President and General Manager of the Fitbit Group Health business, a hardware, software and services solution for population health. The Fitbit Group Health team is responsible for building relationships with enterprise clients, SMBs, strategic partnerships, and channel sales relationships to drive growth for Fitbit's solution. Strategic alliances include partnerships with health plans, wellness platform partners and brokers/consultants.

What is the most exciting thing happening in your industry today?
One of the most exciting things happening in the industry today is the integration of wearables, software and service solutions into population health management. Fitbit has been collaborating with the research community to incorporate fitness data via wearables in clinical studies to find a data-driven approach to things like chronic disease management and patient engagement, which will help to shape the future of digital health.

Why do you think that equality in the workplace is important, especially in the tech industry?
I think equality in the technology industry and as a whole is extremely important. Technology specifically has been a historically male-dominated industry. Recently, we have seen intelligent and powerful women coming to the forefront of the technology industry, which is inspiring to other women, and hopefully shows male-dominated tech companies the value of equality in the workplace.

Women bring a different perspective to businesses, allowing them to lead and drive business outcomes and innovative solutions and making them invaluable at any technology company that is looking to be the leader in their industry.

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