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Meet the Father Who Made a Bionic Arm for His Son

Michael Williams, Digital Media Intern, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)

At just 10 days old, surgeons amputated Sol Ryan’s left arm due to an irreversible blood clot. Sol’s parents, however, never lost hope. Ben Ryan, Sol’s father, took Sol’s blood type — B positive — as a sign to, well, be positive.

Convinced that early intervention was necessary for Sol to adjust to life without his arm, Ben began consulting with medical professionals about different prosthetic arms. However, doctors would not fit Sol with an arm until he was at least a year old, and that arm would be entirely cosmetic, meaning it had no holding or grabbing capabilities.

Using 3D-printing technology and an Xbox scanner (Microsoft, the creators of Xbox, is a Consumer Technology Association [CTA] member), Ryan and technicians from Bangor University created a new prototype prosthetic arm that offers the ability to grip and hold objects. Watch the video below to see Sol’s life with his new arm: