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These Smart Kitchen Pans Calculate the Nutrition of Your Meals As You Cook

Kelsey Davis, Manager, Digital Media, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)
With the overabundance of information out there about health and fitness from television and social media, getting a grip on your nutrition may seem overwhelming. New Consumer Technology Association (CTA) member SmartyPans has tackled that challenge head on by creating a smart pan that helps you track the nutrition information of your meals and can even help improve your cooking skills.
We had a chance to speak with their team about their product and what is next for SmartyPans:
How did you first come up with the concept for SmartyPans? What problem were you trying to solve?
Prachi Baxi: As a nutritionist, I worked with people from all walks of life.  One problem I often faced with my clients was to understand their nutrition intake so as to make proper recommendations. My clients would either underestimate their caloric intake or just guesstimate their portion size. I found this was more of a common phenomenon. On average, people underestimate their nutrition intake by 35 percent. These are staggering figures, and I wanted to solve this problem. That’s when we came up with this idea to put sensors in the pan and free users from calculating nutrition information of meals they cook at home.

How does the technology behind SmartyPans work?
Rahul Baxi: SmartyPans computes the nutrition information of food being cooked in real time. Our pan has weight and temperature sensors, and our app takes in voice commands. When you add an ingredient in the pan, simply tell our app the name of the ingredient. Our app uses the weight and temperature sensor data for each ingredient and sends it to our cloud to calculate nutrition information. All this happens in real time.
SmartyPans also uses the weight and temperature data to give step-by-step cooking instructions if you don’t know how to cook. We even have expert chefs and experienced cooks who create recipes on our platform. Novice cooks can recreate these exact same recipes without overcooking or burning their food.
What is next for SmartyPans?

Rahul Baxi: There’s so much untapped data in our kitchens which, if we understand it well, can bring in a positive impact on our overall health. Our goal with SmartyPans is to quantify the kitchen to help us better understand and improve our eating and spending habits. With our first product, by addressing nutrition calculation, we just scratched the surface. There’s a whole lot we can do by tapping into the kitchen data, and that’s what we working on.
Check out SmartyPans’ Instagram feed for some amazing food pictures and learn more about CTA membership.