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These Emerging Tech Accessories Are on the Rise

Bronwyn Flores, Sr. Coordinator, Policy Communications, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)
Market trends for tech accessories — products that personalize, optimize performance and add new functionality to your favorite devices — tend to ebb and flow along with the sales of smartphones. And that makes sense. We use our smartphones for more functions than ever before, so the need for protective cases, wireless headphones and extra battery power is critical.
New CTA research shows that sales for accessories supporting emerging products, such as TV wall mounts and home remote controls, are on the rise. Tech accessories to enhance home theater and home automation experiences — enhanced routers (27 percent), TV wall mounts (23 percent), antennas (20 percent) and home remote controls (19 percent) — are leading the way for emerging tech accessories in 2016. Replacement wristbands for health and fitness wearables (15 percent) also make the top five list.
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