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Uber Goes for a Beer Run

Michael Williams, Digital Media Intern, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)
Self-driving vehicles have the ability to predict and prevent accidents, but we certainly did not see this one coming! Uber (a Consumer Technology Association (CTA) member) made the first commercial delivery using self-driving technology to deliver 2,000 cases of beer.

The truck, built and designed by Uber-owned Otto, completed the 120-mile trip from an Anheuser-Busch facility in Fort Collins, Colo., to Colorado Springs. A driver monitored the operation from a sleeper berth but did not have to intervene.

"We wanted to show that the basic building blocks of the technology are here; we have the capability of doing that on a highway," said Lior Ron, president and cofounder of Otto. "We are still in the development stages, iterating on the hardware and software."

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