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The Ultimate Proving Ground for Startups and Innovation

Kelsey Pommer, Manager, Digital Media Marketing, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™

We worked hard to shine a light on groundbreaking startups. In fact, CES has showcased more than 800 early and mid-stage startups on the show floor in our Eureka Park™ and University Innovations Marketplaces since 2012.

At CES 2016, we have even more startup exhibitors, events and networking opportunities. Check out all things startup at CES and visit for more information.

Startup Exhibitors on the Show Floor

Visit the Eureka Park Marketplace, the flagship startup destination at CES. Be sure to check out our Eureka Park Leaderboard to see the exhibitors who have raised more than $1 billion since Eureka Park started in 2012.

Network with Tomorrow’s Rising Stars

Take advantage of these startup-centric events to make connections and grow your business at CES:

Startup Night Downtown Vegas
6-9 PM, Tuesday, January 5
The Gold Spike
Shark Tank Open Call
7-10 AM, Thursday, January 7
The Venetian, Level 2, Venetian Ballroom A
Extreme Tech Challenge
2-4 PM, Friday, January 8
The Venetian, Bellini, 2003
Hardware Battlefield
4-5 PM, Friday, January 8
Sands, Level 2, #SV-3

Thought-Provoking Conference Sessions

Visit for more information about startups and CES and how the Consumer Technology Association supports startups all year round.