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Explore the Future of Immersive Entertainment at #CES2016

Alicia Goodman, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™
Immersive entertainment means losing yourself in virtual reality, exploring the world in new ways with augmented reality, becoming part of the story with the next generation of gaming and watching it all in vivid 4K Ultra High-Definition (4K Ultra HD).
To explore some of the hottest technology trends in immersive entertainment and get a behind-the-scenes industry perspective at where they’re heading, check out these CES conference tracks and exhibits.

Immersive Entertainment on the Show Floor

Augmented Reality Marketplace
Discover where digital information and the real world connect to create a unique and all-inclusive experience. See the products that can instantly change your perception of reality in context with your environment: sports scores on TV during a match, path of trajectory overlaid on an image, gaming, construction plans and more. 
Gaming and Virtual Reality Marketplace
See how gaming, virtual reality and augmented reality connect—whether it's the launch of the next wave of immersive multimedia for virtual reality systems and environments or gaming hardware, software and accessories designed for mobile, PCs or consoles.

Conference Tracks on Gaming, VR and More

Top Tech Trends: Discover what's at the top of the tech heap. Innovations set to change the industry, virtual reality, sports wearables, drones, Internet of Things, robots, smart homes, tracking, underlying tech, augmented reality and 3D printing all in the mix.
Digital Hollywood: With content everywhere, on any screen, at any time, the challenge is how we manage and grow this engaging world of multiplatform content. Top entertainment players will share what’s happening now and the opportunities that abound.
Gaming Trends: Hear industry leaders discuss how the videogame industry is growing once again, thanks to the introduction of virtual reality and other new platforms and an appeal to all ages — from kids to millennials to “graying gamers.”
Content and Technology: We’ve cut the TV cord. Hear how Internet program delivery is changing things. Can TV picture quality get even better? 4K Ultra HD is on our TV screens. Find out what’s next for this blockbuster in these cutting-edge sessions.
High Dynamic Range: Hollywood studios and content platforms are ushering in a flood of premium content. From high dynamic range (HDR) to 4K to virtual reality, which technologies are in the driver’s seat? Find out where Hollywood and Silicon Valley stand on these hot topics.
To find specific sessions of interest, such as a preview of advanced imaging, using virtual reality as a storytelling platform and gaming in the cloud, you can use the conference session search.
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