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An App a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Kasey Stanton, Specialist, Web Content , Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™

Maintaining your health used to be somewhat of a guessing game. Eat an apple, go for a run and cross your fingers that it gets you a clean bill of health at your annual check-up. These days, advancements in health and fitness technology have taken the guesswork out of staying healthy with methods to monitor your wellness 24/7.

The health and fitness industry is everywhere at CES 2016, growing 40 percent in exhibit space since the 2015 show. Make sure you don’t miss a (heart)beat with all that this exciting industry has to offer.

Hear from the Experts: Health and Fitness Conferences

Learn about the latest innovations in the fast-growing health technology industry at the Digital Health Summit presented by Living in Digital Times. Hear awe-inspiring stories of technology's life transformations and see firsthand advancements in genomics, diagnostics, wearables, telehealth and more.

Gadgets for Good Health: Health and Fitness Marketplaces

  • Sports Tech presented by the Sports and Fitness Industry Association (SFIA): Sports Tech will highlight the use of analytics and new data at both the professional level and for the everyday athlete, as well as discussing the addition of virtual reality as a valuable training tool.
  • Fitness & Technology presented by Living in Digital Times: The exhibitors in this marketplace are set to showcase the ever-advancing products, services and solutions using technology to make workouts and outdoor activities fun, safe and effective.
  • Health & Wellness presented by Digital Health Summit: This marketplace will showcase how technology is keeping people healthier and improving the ability to diagnose and treat illness.
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