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The Possibilities Are Endless With a Full, Connected Smart Home

Izzy Santa, Director, Policy Communications, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)
Consumers already love the extra features their smart home technology gives them. Because users can control their thermostat, lights and even window blinds with a smartphone app, they are bringing automation and connectivity right into their living rooms. 

But many consumers have not unlocked the full potential of their smart home products until they connect the devices to one another. CTA’s Tech Home Division created a video that allows retailers and smart home installers to explain to consumers the full possibilities of connected smart home by breaking down the difference between smart home components and a system. 

You can learn more about smart home technology at CES 2017, the world’s gathering place for businesses to present the future of consumer technology. Innovators and entrepreneurs will be showing off the newest products at the Smart Home Marketplace at CES.