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The Do-It-For-Me Smart Home Consumer

Izzy Santa, Director, Policy Communications, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)
There is a lot of buzz around smart home technology. Some consumers prefer to do it themselves and others want to hire professionals to help them install connected products. 

Who are the do-it-for-me consumers? 

According to Consumer Technology Association (CTA) member company Icontrol Networks, those age 45 and younger typically prefer DIY products and spend anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000 to upgrade their homes. In contrast, those above the age of 45 are more likely to get assistance with their smart home installations and typically spend about $500 to upgrade their homes. 

Smart home installers certainly have a base with the 45-plus consumer age-group, but there is an opportunity to attract the younger group to using a home installer by showing consumers the value of using a smart home professional. That’s why CTA’s Tech Home Division is running a consumer awareness campaign that passes on essential tips about how to adequately and securely install connected products. 

Smart home professionals, check out the Tech Home Divisions’ campaign videos and feel free to use them.