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Creating Connected Water: Moen’s Smart Shower

Steven Ward, Director of Global Design, Moen

At Moen, we know that consumers’ desire to be connected is growing every day. So we thought, Why not connected water? How can we improve consumers’ experiences with water by adding the benefits of smart technology?
Enter our revolutionary new Wi-Fi and cloud-based, app-driven shower experience, U by Moen™ shower.

As we do with each new product we develop, the design process began with insights. We recognized that consumers seek out technology that delivers meaningful, relevant benefits and that integrate seamlessly with their interior designs. During product development, we looked at products like Nest, Wemo, automated door locks, garage doors with mobile connectivity and home security systems to understand why consumers are attracted to these products. We quickly learned that it’s all about convenience and control. These consumer insights helped drive the thoughtfully designed features of the U by Moen shower.
The U by Moen shower is the only cloud-based, app-driven digital shower on the market. It offers Wi-Fi mobile connectivity and the ultimate personalization, providing users countless ways to create their ideal shower with the push of a button. The digital valve offers precise, thermostatic temperature control and enables the user to connect up to four shower devices (showerheads, handshowers, body sprays, etc.), with the ability to customize settings directly in the shower and save them with one of two preset buttons.
Consumers also can fully customize and control their showers with the U by Moen smartphone app. The app allows users to create up to 12 personalized presets, including name, greeting, outlets, temperature, shower timer and notifications, as well as turn the shower on and off. And, you can save water by having the shower warm up to the desired temperature and pause until you’re ready. Even power on your shower from bed!
Not only did we ensure the technology is dependable, we also thoughtfully designed the look of the shower to align with its purpose — it feels less like water faucet hardware and more like a tech-based control panel. The Terra Beige finish is a European exterior automotive finish that is exactly neutral without being too boring, so it fits well with cool chrome or warm oil-rubbed bronze hardware.
Visibility and ease of use also were essential considerations. The screen is purposely non-touch, as we all know it’s difficult to operate a touchscreen with wet hands. The illumination symbols are easy to read in low-light environments, and the pressure and feel of the switches came from benchmarking high-quality premium automotive electronic controls.
With all of these elements in mind, we’ve created a digital showering experience that’s easy to operate and enjoy, allowing consumers to design the shower that’s just right for them every time.
Check out Moen at CES 2017 in the Smart Home Marketplace in Tech West.