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How Are You Shopping for Back-to-School?

Kelsey Pommer, Manager, Digital Media, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)

We already know that we are shopping for tech this back-to-school season, grabbing products like tablets, headphones and portable memory solutions. Some shoppers are getting a head start, with 60 percent of back-to-school shopping occurring in August. Here’s how we’re shopping for back-to-school.

Almost all back-to-school shoppers (95 percent) plan to visit physical stores to complete their shopping. Of those, consumers plan to visit

  • Mass merchant store (88 percent)
  • Office supply store (56 percent)
  • Department store (47 percent)
  • Discount or thrift store (43 percent)
  • Consumer tech store (36 percent)
Additionally, half of back-to-school shoppers (49 percent) plan to shop at an online retailer, including
  • Online-only retailer’s website (80 percent)
  • Retailer’s website (69 percent)
  • Auction website (35 percent)
  • Manufacturer’s website (30 percent)
  • Free classified ad website (13 percent)
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