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37 Percent of Consumers Purchase Tech Accessories Online

Eva Coll, CEA

Representing five percent of consumer technology industry revenues in 2014, accessories continue to be an in-demand category for consumers. However, CEA’s recent 2nd Annual CE Accessories at Retail study, reveals a slight shift in the procurement methods consumers are using to purchase their accessories. Notably, more consumers are buying accessories online using a computer or mobile device.  
Almost four in 10 consumers (37 percent) purchased their most recent technology accessory either online or using a mobile device compared to one third (33 percent) in 2014. And seven percent of consumers purchased their most recent tech accessory using their mobile device while only two percent said the same in 2014. Here we see evidence of omni-channel marketing gaining traction with consumers.
The three most common reasons consumers purchase their tech accessories online are the following:
  • Best price (52 percent)
  • Convenience (42 percent)
  • Ease of browsing and comparing products (38 percent)
However, lack of sales pressure when making an online purchase seems to be an important reason for consumers, with 22 percent indicating this as a reason. Millennials in particular tend to value this aspect of online shopping as 29 percent of these young adults indicate this as a reason to purchase online.
Similar to the reasons compelling purchase on a computer, consumers buy tech accessories on their mobile device for the following reasons:
  • Convenience (49 percent)
  • Ease of browsing and comparing (34 percent)
  • Best price (30 percent)  
Half of consumers (51 percent) who prefer to use their mobile device when purchasing also prefer to use a mobile app.
Consumers are also researching tech accessories online prior to purchase (46 percent indicate researching on a computer and 16 percent on a mobile device). Now more than ever, an increase in online presence – and shopping apps in particular – will be important in meeting consumers wherever their purchase takes them. 

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