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Escape to a State-of-the-Art Mansion in the Mountains

Kasey Stanton, Web Content, Coordinator, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™

An escape to the mountains for some peace and quiet usually evokes the idea of a simple log cabin with a cozy chair by the fireplace. While that’s still an integral part of a winter weekend retreat, who says that the log cabin can’t be overflowing with luxury as well?
This beautiful Colorado mountain mansion is filled with the highest quality mechanical systems and state-of-the-art electronics. All of the televisions in the home are 4K Ultra HD-capable and every lighting scene and room control layout has been customized to spotlight each room.
But one of the most impressive features of the home is its level of specialized acoustic treatments and noise isolation systems. This was particularly important because the homeowners wanted to mitigate the noise coming from their basement bowling alley. In order to do that, designers built the entire basement ceiling as a large floating mass that is completely isolated from the floor above, which keeps the sound from the bowling alley out of the kitchen.

The project was the winner of the Ultimate Home of the Year above $300,000 category for the 2015 Mark of Excellence (MOE) System Integrators Awards Program. The Mark of Excellence program recognizes the best in custom integration and installed technology each year.
Check out photos of The Summit County Smart Home below:

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