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INTERVIEW: How an Ecovacs Robot Made an Appearance on MTV

Kelsey Pommer, Sr. Coordinator, Digital Media Marketing, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™

“Fiddlesticks” the Ecovacs robot, made several appearances on MTV’s 30th Season of “The Real World : Skeletons” showing how robotics can integrate into our everyday lives.  CEA member and CES exhibitor Ecovacs Robotics is demonstrating how robotics can enhance your home by producing robots that vacuum, clean windows, provide home security and more. 
We spoke with Jeff Mellin, director of marketing for Ecovacs, about the robotics industry and how an Ecovacs robot became a beloved character on MTV. 
How did Ecovacs first get started in the robotics industry?
In 1998, TEK Electrical Company began as an OEM business for internationally recognized brands in the traditional consumer vacuum market. From that experience and success, Ecovacs Robotics was launched in 2006 as an independent specialty manufacturer of branded robotic devices for the home. Ecovacs Robotics is the only brand in the category that provides a whole-house portfolio of robots that that vacuum, mop, dust floors, clean windows, mirrors and glass doors and move about the house cleaning the air, entertaining and providing security. 
What are some of the trends you are seeing in robotics?
Growing numbers of consumers have begun relying on the ease-of-use and everyday household cleaning that robots provide. As an example, a few months ago Ecovacs Robotics sold more than $24 million in 24 hours through their retail-partners and direct-to-consumer channels. DEEBOT floor cleaning robots have been embraced for their cleaning abilities, intelligence, self-emptying capabilities and stylish design. A few weeks ago, DEEBOT went mainstream with a recurring role on a hit TV series on MTV and became the first commercial consumer robot in pop-culture to be given a nickname - “Fiddlesticks.”  
You recently exhibited at 2015 CES. Tell us a little about your experience.
CES has always proved to be an exciting opportunity to debut our newest innovations in home robotics. Most recently in 2015, we were thrilled to be honored with a CES Innovation Award for the second consecutive year; this time for RAYBOT, our innovative water-free solar panel cleaning robot.
2015 CES attendees also enjoyed meeting BENEBOT, our new interactive in-store remote sales expert and our newest developments in our award-winning lines of WINBOT window cleaning robots and DEEBOT floor cleaning/vacuuming robots.

What is next for Ecovacs?
Ecovacs Robotics is focused on evolving the in-home robotics category from ”novelty to necessity” for people who value their free-time and a dirt-free home every day. This summer, tens-of-millions of weekly viewers will see Ecovacs Robotics in a blockbuster series on TV and online, and more as Ecovacs Robotics launches the largest product expansion in our history by introducing the robots of tomorrow – today.
Ecovacs Robotics is just one of CEA’s innovative members. This month we are celebrating and thanking all of our members for the incredible work they do in the consumer technology industry. Learn more about Member Appreciation Month.