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HGTV’s Property Brothers Talk Tech For a Smart Home

Drew and Jonathan Scott, HGTV’s Property Brothers

Each year we anticipate CES like kids anticipate Christmas. When you buy, sell, renovate and decorate people’s homes for living, anything that makes that experience more exciting or more efficient can be a game changer. Without a doubt, smart technology for the home accomplishes both.

While homeowners still love to focus on the decorating or design of their home, with the increase in technology, many consumers’ first thought is about creating a smarter and more efficient home. With enabled smartphone and tablets that connect their lifestyle to their environment, many homeowners move this to the top of their wish list.

From basic security monitoring to customized living and access to appliances, lighting, irrigation, entertainment systems and more, homeowners are looking for the smart technology that increases their connection, convenience and comfort, while decreasing cost. And what better place to discover all that’s new than at 2015 CES in Las Vegas!

Whether you’re a homebody or find yourself often away from home, smart technology brings the hub of the home to wherever you may be. By connecting your home’s heating and cooling to WiFi and using local weather apps for temperature and humidity, smart thermostats can provide the most efficient settings for your home. Similar systems are being used for irrigation to adjust sprinkler schedules, either automatically or by controlling the system from your smartphone or tablet.

Another area where technology has made great strides is with home security. From cameras that view your entire home to systems that can lock or unlock your home using WiFi, today you can monitor the safety of your home when you’re away or secure your entire house without leaving your bedroom. In fact, you can use some of that same technology to check on your pets or view the contents of your refrigerator from the grocery store!

We’re always looking for something special to put into homes. Technology provides us with some great surprises without a major remodel. For instance, how about starting your coffeemaker from your bed with your phone as soon as you wake up? Maybe, pre-heating your oven from work, so it’s ready to cook dinner when you get home? Or even better, a grill that talks to tell you how to perfectly grill the meal?

So, welcome to Las Vegas and 2015 CES where you’ll find lots of smart technology for the home to provide you comfort and convenience. With this kind of innovation, you’ll never want to leave your home or leave your home without it.

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