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Samsung’s Dr. WP Hong Talks Internet of Things

CTA Staff

Last week, we had the chance to interview Dr. WP Hong, President, Samsung SDS, on his upcoming CES keynote. This week, we’re going more in depth with Dr. WP Hong on the Internet of Things and his favorite CES memory. Check out the interview below:
Is the IoT the most important trend you see in the industry?

“Without a doubt, the Internet of Things is one of the biggest drivers of our industry right now. I believe the IoT will bring a paradigm shift, not just for us in ICT, but across most industries. The impact will be as significant as the revolution brought by the Internet and mobile devices.

The Internet of Things is bringing new growth engines in the tech industry. IoT solutions have the ability to collect and analyze data in real-time, which gives businesses an opportunity to better understand their consumers and turn this into value for individuals and even the wider society.

I believe that the IoT will first transform the connected home, manufacturing, healthcare, and transportation and logistics, and will be rapidly adopted everywhere else.”

Then what does the IoT mean to industries?

“The Internet of Things has arrived already. According to recent studies, approximately 15 billion things are currently connected to the internet. It sounds like a lot, but it’s just 2 percent of all objects that may, one day, join the network. And IoT is also a huge business opportunity. For 2020 Gartner predicts that 20.8 billion things will be installed, generating over $3.5 trillion in product and services revenue.*

There will be opportunities in really any industry you can think of, with new applications and services are cropping up all the time everywhere. At this moment, utilities, manufacturing, healthcare, and government are some of the fastest moving areas.”

What does the IoT mean to us?

“The Internet of Things will work best when we humans don’t really notice it. It has to become a bit like electricity; we don’t have to think to make it work. A lot of the heavy IoT lifting will be done by machines talking to machines, with data created, shared and acted upon without human involvement. Initially this will help us to control objects, but soon it will give us intelligent devices and systems.

Thanks to the IoT, businesses will also understand us better. In the past, companies created services and people that targeted large groups of people. With the IoT, businesses can engage with customers as individuals, and tailor products and services to be just perfect for this one person or family. The Internet of Things brings focus and relevance to the customer experience.”

In the context of the IoT, what are some of the most visible progresses? What is next for the IoT industry?

“We have to look at this from two perspectives. For a company like Samsung, the focus has to be on IoT devices and components, on platforms and standards, and data security and privacy. My keynote speech will highlight some of the things we achieved during the past year.

However, all of this works only, if it is designed and developed with the needs of humans in mind. The Internet of Things is not really about things. It has to be about people, it has to be an Internet for You.”

What is your favorite CES memory?

“Back in 2010, on my way to CES, I remember mulling over several ideas regarding the brand for our upcoming, strategic mobile phone. Eventually, those ideas all converged to Samsung Galaxy.  This aside, I fondly remember how our new products, such as our Curved TV, would generate excitement among visitors to our booth.
Now, I have the honor of delivering a keynote speech at CES 2016. Without a doubt, this will become my favorite CES memory!”
Dr. WP Hong, President, Samsung SDS, will be delivering a keynote address at 9 AM on January 7 at the Venetian’s Palazzo Ballroom. Read the first part of Dr. WP Hong’s interview on the CTA Blog.

* Source: Gartner Forecast: Internet of Things — Endpoints and Associated Services, Worldwide, 2015 (29 October 2015)