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Stay Up-to-Date on the Upcoming FCC Spectrum Auction by Following These 9 Twitter Accounts

Bronwyn Flores, CEA

On May 15, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) took a critical step toward approving rules for the world’s first broadcast voluntary incentive auction. In anticipation of the upcoming 2015 auction, we’ve compiled a list of the top Twitter accounts delving into the intricacies of spectrum policy in under 140 characters.
Brendan Sasso, Technology Policy Reporter for National Journal
Brendan’s coverage of tech policy in D.C. offers especially great analysis of regulatory happenings at the FCC.
John Eggerton, Reporter for Broadcasting & Cable and Multichannel News magazines
Rather than use his account to solely promote his newest articles, John takes to Twitter to provide quick real-time updates of FCC and spectrum happenings as they go down.
Howard Buskirk, Executive Senior Editor of Communications Daily
A seasoned journalist with a hawk’s eye focus on FCC activity, Howard’s timeline is a top source for real-time developments at the regulatory body. Spectrum block parameters and open meetings might not be your idea of a juicy tweet, but his comments are often RT’d by fellow telecom reporters and FCC Commissioners. 
FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel
Commissioner Rosenworcel, a Democratic member of the FCC leadership, is a strong advocate for reallocation of unlicensed spectrum to increase WiFi resources for American consumers. As such, a successful 2015 spectrum auction is one of her top goals.
FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai
A Republican member, Commissioner Pai is in the minority of the FCC leadership and uses his Twitter account as a social platform to amplify dissenting opinions. While much of the media attention has been on Open Internet proceedings, Pai has maintained his focus on a successful spectrum auction.
Gautham Nagesh, Tech Policy and FCC Reporter for the Wall Street Journal
Gautham covers an array of tech policy for the Wall Street Journal, but we think his real niche is FCC scoops.
Steve Crowley, Consulting Wireless Engineer
Steve knows the ins-and-outs of the tech industry with academic and professional experiences in mobile broadband, unlicensed services, trade associations, government agencies and more. For a truly nuanced recap of spectrum policy, his Twitter account is a top source.
Tony Romm, Tech Reporter for POLITICO
Tony’s commentary adds a much-needed breath of fresh air to highly-technical telecom policy. He’s also known to live-tweet every newsworthy event he attends and is a great source for ICYMI recaps.
Amy Schatz, Tech Policy Reporter for Re/Code
A top source for any major tech development, Amy’s Re/Code articles (and timeline) maintain an FCC focus on topics like mergers, Open Internet and the upcoming spectrum auction.