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How to Control Your Smart Home Connectivity

Kasey Stanton, Web Content, Coordinator, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™

Until the day that all homes are built with custom integration, there will be a struggle to integrate smart home technology into your current unsatisfying system, making you question why you still have to get out of bed to turn off the lights.
The simplest answer to this problem may be to hire a custom system integrator and redo the entire ecosystem of your home electronics. Another approach is buying individual smart home products as you can. Although they may function well on their own, the acquisition of all of these distinct gadgets still leaves you with the challenge of integrating them into one controllable network.
Many companies are noticing this need for consolidation and are rushing to fill the void. With their newest software update, Apple TV gets one step closer to becoming a go-to hub for centralized smart homes. Similarly, startup company Wink has been hard at work creating a box that translates the dozens of apps needed to control each individual product into one manageable network.  
There may be some loose ends to tie up in the smart home market, but once you have a solid integrated network the possibilities are endless.

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