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Tech is Redefining Efficiency and Accessibility in This Week’s Tech News

Kasey Stanton, Web Content, Coordinator, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™

From pancakes to prosthetics, innovators are finding new ways to create, plan and design just about everything. These new methods redefine efficiency and accessibility, bringing tech innovation to everyone with more convenience and at a cheaper price. Find out what you missed in this week’s tech news.

For anyone who has struggled to make perfectly-shaped pancakes, this precise 3D printer could bring breakfast to a whole new level. 
Through the perfect marriage of innovation and efficiency, trash collectors could be using these smart garbage cans to reevaluate their morning routes.
In this age of digital photos, it seems that no one knows what to do with their vacation pictures after they post them online. Google+ hopes to solve that problem for you with Google+ Stories, their auto-populating digital scrapbook.
Even if you find that your understanding of art is average at best, you have to appreciate the function behind the products featured in MoMA and Kickstarter’s collaborative display.
Building off the success of his design for a prosthetic hand, Ivan Owen capitalizes on the 3D printing phenomenon to develop his Roboleg.
What tech trend has brought efficiency to your life? Share with us in the comments below.