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6 Interesting Facts about How Consumers Interact with Apps

Kelsey Pommer, Sr. Coordinator, Digital Media Marketing, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™

CEA recently released a new study, The Intersection Between Apps and Hardware, focusing on app usage trends, satisfaction and interest in apps for various types of electronic devices.

Here are 6 things you need to know:

  1. Both the Apple and Android markets offered more than one million apps at the beginning of 2014.

  2. According to data from Flurry Analytics cited in the report, messaging and social media apps enjoyed the largest year-over-year growth in terms of usage, with a 203 percent increase going into 2014. Productivity apps have also seen rapid growth (149 percent) as have music, media and entertainment apps (78 percent).

  3. Consumers appear to be reluctant to pay for apps. Only one-third of app users surveyed (32 percent) indicate they are willing to pay for apps.

  4. Consumer interest in additional app functionality includes apps that allow users to:
  • Monitor or manage their home (55 percent among current app users)
  • Monitor the health of a vehicle (49 percent), manage personal health (48 percent)
  • Monitor aging family members or those that have been diagnosed health issues (43 percent)
  • Improve fitness or sports performance (41 percent)
  • Make payments at physical retail stores (38 percent).