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How Are We Consuming Video Content? The Answer May Surprise You

Kelsey Pommer, Sr. Coordinator, Digital Media Marketing, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™

With new online-only series such as Netflix’s “House of Cards” and Hulu Plus’ “The Awesomes,” and terms like “binge watching” being a part of our everyday lives, you may think that online viewing would be taking over the television experience. Recent research from CEA exploring content viewing behavior has found that 79 percent of online U.S. adults watch traditional television programming from providers such as cable, satellite or fiber-to-the-home. 
However, as may be expected, online video streaming is becoming more popular with younger consumers, aged 18-34. For those who are streaming content online, laptops are the most popular device, followed by desktop computers. 
CEA also explored what types of content consumers are watching. News programs and TV shows are the most-watched type of programming and consumers are most likely to record TV shows and movies as opposed to other types of content like sports or news. 
For the more on content viewing behavior and the Video Content Discovery and Purchasing Trends study please see our full press release