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Dawn of the Second-Screen and Future of Interactive Television Viewing

It’s hard now to remember the days when watching television used to be synonymous with taking a break from a day of multi-tasking. Today the possibilities of synchronous second-screen viewing, designed to be consumed while the viewer is watching a specific program, have the potential to make television content more enjoyable than ever before.
As the popularity of second-screen devices grows, most consumers are no longer satisfied with focusing on just one form of content. In the joint study released by CEA and NATPE, depicted below, researchers analyzed how and why consumers are using second-screens during television programming. 
Although 79 percent of the second-screen users surveyed use a second device while watching TV programming, most of those viewers are accessing asynchronous content, meant for consumption before or after watching the designated program. Of those that have tried synchronizing their content, only 13 percent said that it made their program viewing experience “much more enjoyable.” This room for improvement on synchronized content presents an exciting opportunity for device manufacturers and content producers to come together and enhance the viewing experience on all screens.

For more on second screen viewing behavior, please see our full press release