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A Third of Mobile Device Owners Have Used Their Devices to Track Health: 3 Apps They May Be Using

Kelsey Pommer, Sr. Coordinator, Digital Media Marketing, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™
Digital health is one of the most buzzed about topics in consumer technology. Consumers are taking control of their eating habits, exercise levels and general health routines – and they are doing it right from their mobile devices.  A  CEA survey found that in 2013, one-third (33 percent) of mobile device owners reported they had used their devices to track some aspect of their health in the past twelve months. Here are three smartphone apps that will help track calories, monitor food and drink intake and help keep consumers honest on their quest for a healthy lifestyle.

Calorie Counter & Diet Track by MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal allows you to count calories and track your meal right from your phone. The app includes a food database of over three million foods and will sync up with your online account so you can track your progress from anywhere. MyFitnessPal can be found in the iTunes App Store or Google play.

UP Coffee

This app by Jawbone may keep you from reaching for that one extra cup of coffee in the afternoon. Learn how your daily caffeine intake and when you consume caffeine will affect your sleep that night or sync it up with your Jawbone UP band to track your quality of sleep in relation to your caffeine consumption. UP Coffee can be found in the iTunes App Store


Fooducate will show you what’s really in the food you are eating by analyzing information found in nutrition labels.  The app will even show you healthy alternatives to the foods you are choosing.  Fooducate can be found in the iTunes App Store or Google play.
What other ways are mobile devices contributing to health and fitness?