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VIDEO: What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know about Public Policy

In an industry that thrives on constant change and progression, it is difficult to bridge the gap between evolving disruptive innovations and the antiquated laws that confine them. In a Google Hangout last week, Ximena Hartsock (Phone2Action), Brandon Pollock (1776 DC), Julie Samuels (Engine Advocacy) and former D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty (Perkins Coie and Andreessen Horowitz) attempted to unravel the complicated relationship between entrepreneurs and the public policy that they must face.
Watch the full Google Hangout below.
Be it immigration, patent reform, or any of the other inactions plaguing our innovative culture, all of the panelists agreed that there is a strong need for change. Former D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty acknowledged that although it shouldn’t be the case, innovators and entrepreneurs are too often struggling through a long battle fighting policy restrictions in order to advance their business.
Thankfully, this fight for innovative technology is now becoming a public matter fueled by the power of grassroots campaigns such as Phone2Action, and incubators like 1776 DC that educate elected officials on the power of startups and the benefits of their innovations.
Although the struggle to find a cooperative balance between regulation and innovation is still a constant threat to the technology industry, all of the panelists remained optimistic about the possibility for startups and entrepreneurs to engage in the discussion and provoke positive change.