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Drones to Smart Fans: Top Tech Trends Takeover in this Week’s Tech News

Kasey Stanton, Web Content, Coordinator, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™
Just a few years ago, wearables, smart home technology and drones were ideas of the future.

Just a few years ago, wearables, smart home technology and drones were ideas of the future – known to the tech-savvy but far too intricate or complex to be adopted by the day-to-day consumer. Now, we can’t go anywhere without seeing hints of these top tech trends, and the tech news this week is no exception.  

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It’s entirely possible that one day Transformers could be more than just a science fiction summer blockbuster. At first glance, this self-folding lamp isn’t much to look at, but its technical implications are far more impressive.

Just in case we weren’t already totally in tune with our phones, Lunecase has developed an iPhone case that uses excess energy to indicate when you are receiving a message or phone call. A previous version of the Lunecase was presented earlier this year at the 2014 International CES.

In the heat of the summer, we all wouldn’t mind having someone to follow us with our own personal fan. With the ability to recognize a person’s presence in the room, this self-adjusting smart fan may be an even better solution.

As the conversation of sports-related concussions comes to the forefront, tech companies are fighting to develop the best solution. The FITGuard mouthguard may be one of the best responses yet.

We’ve heard plenty of suggested uses for commercial drones, but so far none have come to fruition. The FAA’s announcement on Monday seems to suggest that filmmakers may be the first to break through the stringent bans. Apparently, drones can also be used to walk your dog.

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