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Top 10 Twitter Accounts Covering Disruptive Innovation

Bronwyn Flores, Communications, Coordinator, Consumer Technology Association

The term “disruptive” has been thrown around a lot recently, both inside and outside the technology industry. But what does that word really mean? At CEA, we believe disruptive innovation is central to America’s entrepreneurial culture. “Disruptive” means displacing older technologies in new and innovative ways that give consumers more – and better – choices. But don’t just take our word for it – check out these 10 Twitter accounts covering real-time updates in the constantly changing realm of disruptive innovation.
1.      Larry Downes, Industry Analyst and co-author of Big Bang Disruption
An industry analyst and author on the subject of disruptive innovation, Larry is a go-to source for information surrounding ongoing legal battles such as Aereo’s decision before the Supreme Court.
2.      Nancy Scola, Tech Journalist at The Washington Post
Nancy covers a variety of tech issues but is a particularly good source for news and analysis surrounding Uber’s regulatory battles with local, state and international governments.
3.      Uber Public Policy, the government affairs arm of ridesharing service Uber
As a brand, Uber has done a particularly good job of interacting with consumers by taking to Twitter. So it should come as no surprise that the ride-sharing service has a unique account for all things policy.
4.      Dan Primack, Senior Editor at
Dan mixes real-time tech news with tongue-in-check banter for a thoroughly enjoyable Twitter stream. For instance, in anticipation of the then-pending Supreme Court decision, he sat down with Aereo’s founder and CEO Chet Kanijoa to discuss the company’s future.
5.      Scott Kirsner, Columnist at The Boston Globe
Scott covers tech for The Boston Globe and has situated himself as the premiere source for information surrounding the Cambridge, MA reactionary stance on Uber’s services.
6.      Adam Thierer, Senior Research Fellow at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University
A CES veteran, Adam researches all things tech with a focus on public policy implications. He is no stranger to digital media, covering tech policy via Twitter and Technology Liberation Front blog posts.
7.      POLITICO’s Morning Tech, a daily circulation of D.C. tech happenings curated by Erin Mershon
POLITICO’s technology-specific morning list serve is also available on Twitter with the same one-step-ahead content.
8.      Doug MacMillan, Tech Reporter at The Wall Street Journal
Doug covers all the bases, tweeting on the latest moves from disruptive innovators like Airbnb, Snapchat and Uber.
9.      Virginia Lam, Vice President of Communications and Government Relations for Aereo
For the speedy and accurate information on Aereo, go straight to the source – Virginia’s Twitter account.
10.  The Innovation Movement, CEA’s grassroots campaign to unite those who believe innovation is critical to American global leadership and economic growth
Need relevant research, coverage of tech policy events and ways to take action and reach out to legislators? Look no further. Follow the Innovation Movement on Twitter and join the campaign by texting JOIN to 52886.