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Consumer Electronics Only Account for 12 Percent of Energy Use in the Home

Samantha Nevels, Consumer Technology Association

Despite there being more consumer electronics devices in the home, the electricity usage per household for these devices is dropping.  The electricity used by consumer electronics products is considerably less than electricity consumed by other appliances used on a regular basis in our homes, as seen in the infographic below.

According to a study commissioned by CEA and produced by the Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems, consumer electronics accounted for only 12 percent of residential electricity consumption last year. The study, Energy Consumption of Consumer Electronics in U.S. Homes in 2013, shows this is a nine percent drop from the energy consumption levels quantified in 2010.

            CEA’s periodic and comprehensive assessment of consumer electronics energy consumption is a significant contribution to the understanding of energy efficiency trends within the tech industry. Of course, the credit for efficiency gains in consumer electronics goes to the companies competing and innovating their way to energy efficiency, as well as programs such as ENERGY STAR that provide the appropriate policy and market incentives.

            Through innovation, competition and the continued success of market-oriented policies, the consumer electronics industry is exceptionally well-suited to contribute to state and federal goals for saving energy and reducing emissions. As a consumer, you can be a part of this market transformation by visiting to learn tips for reducing energy costs, buying green and recycling responsibly.