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Here’s What You Can Do with the CES Mobile App

Sean Parker, Director of Digital Media Marketing, Consumer Technology Association

Walking out at the end of the Tuesday morning keynote in the Venetian there are so many choices in what you want to see and so many opportunities you need to explore but you are not sure where to start. You remember, as your hand wraps around your smartphone, you have downloaded the 2014 CES Mobile app. Not only have your downloaded it, you have made sure to connect your MyCES schedule with the CES Mobile app. Pulling up your list of bookmarked exhibitors in one hand and slinging your knapsack over your shoulder with the other you click on the Quick Route option to find the quickest path to your first meeting.
As you meet with the first exhibitor, you jot your meeting notes down right in the app under the exhibitor’s name. As you are walking away afterward something catches your eye across the aisle. You set up a meeting for the next day and add it to your MySchedule. You realize you have some time between lunch and your next meeting so you pull up Conference Sessions and check out what sessions are available. You decide on one and jump on the Venetian Express heading over to the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC). While you are riding over to the LVCC you dig into the Social tab of the CES Mobile app to catch up on the twitter trends, Instagram pics and Facebook posts surrounding #CES2014.
To download, visit the Apple iTunes Store or Google Play 
on your device and search for 2014 CES.
As you disembark from the bus, you route your way to the conference session using the Locate Me feature. As you sit down and wait for the speaker to arrive you watch a couple of the videos from CESTV, helping you discover what might interest you in each section of the show. After a rousing conference session you look down at your phone and realize you can download a self-guided tour or even purchase a curated tour right from the CES Mobile app.
After completing a show floor tour, you decide to take a break from all the action. You grab a coffee and find a seat. Settling in with your latte, you pull up the latest article from the Show Daily and then check over the Dashboard for your next appointment. Walking away from the table you realize this has been a super productive first day and it’s not over yet.
The CES Mobile app may not be the only app you use before, during and after the 2014 CES, but it is the one app you need to use to get the most out of the multitude of layers this grand bazaar of technology offers.
Tell us in the comments below what feature you most use or want in an event app.