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Engadget Highlights Innovation with the Best of CES 2014 Awards

Sarah Silbert, Engadget
For us at Engadget, CES is the most important event of the year. We've been known to send a small army to tackle the staggering amount of new products unveiled on the show floor, and the 2014 CES promises to offer plenty to keep us as busy as ever. In addition to covering the latest gadgets on our site—from home theater to wearables to tablets and phones—we'll be teaming up with the CEA to curate the show's most innovative new products for the official Best of CES Awards.
"Innovative" really is the key word here; across all 15 categories (more on those below), the one deciding factor that will guide us in determining the winners is how original, creative and well thought-out a product is. For example, standouts [] from last year's show include a game-changing smartwatch, a uniquely flippable Ultrabook and a gaming computer that doubles as a console. This year, we'll be looking for products that are similarly ahead of the curve.
Just how we'll narrow down the hundreds of new toys at the show to several dozen finalists, and then just 15 winners, is a whole different story. But for now, here's a look at the Awards categories up for the taking—the 15th, not included here, will be decided by our readers.

  • Best Startup: The startup showing great sophistication and innovation while also demonstrating a clear path to real-world availability. Eureka Park will be a focus.
  • Best Digital Health and Fitness Product: A product exhibiting the most innovative use of technology to improve users' health and well-being. Example products include smart scales and activity monitors.
  • Best Automotive Electronics Product: Technology related to the ever-advancing science of getting from here to there. Example products include infotainment systems and advances in self-driving technology.
  • Best Audio Product: Technology for overall audio enjoyment. Example products include headphones and media players, along with music-playing apps and services.
  • Best Video Product: This award focuses on home entertainment, with example products including displays, projectors and tuners.
  • Best Software: A piece of software that stands out from the rest.
  • Best Emerging Technology: The product, service or innovation that is blazing a trail in a new category that is rapidly increasing in significance.
  • Best Mobile Technology: The smartphone or tablet that most impresses with its combination of specifications, design and overall ability.
  • Best Gaming Product: The product that best moves forward the broad field of gaming. Example products include game-specific tablets and PCs, videogame consoles, controllers and gaming services.
  • Best Offbeat Product: The product that turns heads on the International CES show floor without necessarily fitting into any defined product category. This product may not be the best of the best at the show, but it will be one of the most talked-about.
  • Best Kid-Friendly Product: The best device, technology or service intended for younger gadget-lovers.
  • Best Maker-Friendly Technology: This product is geared toward the DIY/maker community. Examples include 3D printers and Arduino-like processing units.
  • Best PC Award: The best laptop or desktop, judged based on its design and specifications.
  • Best of the Best Award: The device, service or technology in any category that stands clearly above the rest, judged based on its innovation and design quality.
Stay tuned for more on the Awards as we get closer to 2014 CES. See you in Vegas!