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Consumer Electronics Can Change the World

Stephen Ewell, CEA Foundation
How do you change the world? In accessibility, education, health and a wide range of other areas, consumer electronics companies are having a massive positive impact on the quality of lives of people around the world. This is accomplished through the constant innovation of our industry’s products as well as a variety of philanthropic efforts.
This year at the 2014 International CES, attendees will have the opportunity to hear from large companies like Google and Samsung and smaller companies like AfterShokz as they discuss the power of our industry to make a difference. Also included will be the CEA Foundation, which is representing our industry by making a difference in the lives of seniors and people with disabilities. Learn how the impact of CE products and programs are beneficial to both society and the companies themselves. Get ideas for how these programs can benefit you and your company by building good will and opening up new potential markets. And hear how our industry, through innovative products and philanthropy, is changing the world.
Find out how by joining a free panel for all CES attendees.
So, how do you change the world? Share your stories in the comments below, email me at or talk to me after the panel at CES. Your stories might be included in a future article or panel.