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5 in-Car Devices to Watch Out for in 2014

Bradley Taylor

Already 2014 is proving to be the year for advanced vehicular technology. Manufacturers are presenting prototypes and releasing a myriad of devices to improve every aspect of your vehicle. Throw away the furry dice, these are the five gadgets you won’t want to be seen driving without in 2014.
1. 4G Cars 
There is a battle between brands to be the first to introduce LTE-connected vehicles in 2014. Manufacturers are currently producing vehicles which offer a myriad of data services. LTE-connected vehicles will provide fast, quality connections to power apps in your dashboard, as well as redistributing mobile broadband throughout your vehicle via Wi-Fi. In the U.S., manufacturers intend to lock their automobiles to specific carrier networks, which offers the opportunity to combine your phone and car to the same network and reap the benefits of a shared data or family plan.
2. GPS Navigation Systems
 It’s a new year, so why not indulge in a new GPS navigation system? Manufacturers are currently releasing new, updated GPS devices for 2014. These new GPS devices come in a variety of sizes and screen resolutions to suit any vehicle. Moreover, they offer a variety of enhanced features, ranging from frequent lifetime updates for maps and traffic information to lane assistance and speed limit indicators.

3. Driverless Cars
Toyota released a video recently demonstrating a prototype fitted with “Intelligent Transport Systems” technology. This innovative design works with the driver to keep the vehicle positioned safely on the road, stop at traffic signals and monitor pedestrians’ positions, all in the interest of preventing automobile collisions. Other companies are releasing similar prototypes; at CES, Audi presented a self-parking car; Google obtained a Nevada driving licence for their self-drive car and Volvo has also tested their own self-drive convoy on Spanish freeways. Although these vehicles are still in the prototype stage, there are devices which are currently being implemented in new vehicles which aid drivers to park and monitor their road safety, all in the efforts of providing you with a safer and more relaxed driving experience.

via Ground Report
4. Posture Improving Devices 
Achy long commutes now belong solely in the annals of 2013. Many companies have introduced posture-improving gadgets, which notify you of when you lean forward, slouch your back and even the extent to which you shift to the side. These notifications aid you to correct your posture and alleviate any back pain or discomfort you experience whilst driving.
5. Self-Diagnosing Cars 
Everyone thinks he is a doctor these days, even your car. For the conscientious driver it is now possible to purchase a self-diagnosing device which enables you to regularly and efficiently check the condition of your vehicle. These gadgets scan the vehicle’s microprocessors and notify the driver when a problem occurs and proceeds to instruct the driver on how to fix the problem.