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See What Phil DeFranco and Trisha Hershberger Thought of the 2014 CES

CTA Staff

We can’t believe the 2014 CES started nearly a month ago. What the heck, where did the time go?
During the show, we played host to more than 150,000 tech lovers, including journalists and bloggers. We had the special honor of working with Phil DeFranco, Trisha Hershberger and their team from SourceFed. Phil and Trisha are veritable YouTube celebrities who produce videos that reach millions of viewers.
We caught up with Phil and Trisha to get a debrief on their experience at CES… Be sure to check out SourceFed’s channel to see all their videos from the show. And keep an eye on this blog, Digital Dialogue, where we’ll soon be sharing a few special videos they produced just for us.
So, tell us, did you have a favorite area at the International CES?
Trisha: This year I really enjoyed the TechZones in the South Hall. I really enjoy seeing competitors side by side showing off what makes them unique.
Phil, did you see any new tech in the Kids@Play TechZone that you’ll be buying for your impending little one?
Phil: All the easy home security cam technology and automation was very interesting. Also, the toys these little kids get make me jealous.
Out of the content you produced, which is your favorite video?
Trisha: I really enjoyed the High Tech Fashion piece and the Robotics piece. Both pieces covered things that I've never focused on before at CES and this is my eighth CES!

If you could have walked away with one item from the show floor this year, what would it have been?
Phil: Oculus Rift. It’s even more impressive than last year and I believe it’s going to revolutionize the gaming experience.
Trisha: Duh, a 3D printer! Although the Omni VR in Eureka Park looked very cool, too.
See you next year?
Phil: Of course. Wouldn't miss it! 
Trisha: Abso-freakin-lutely!