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Listen to Your Tunes in the Pool: Check What You Missed in Tech News

This week brought exciting new product announcements and partnership possibilities in the world of consumer technology. Find out what you missed in our roundup of this week’s tech news.
Sony leaves no room for doubt that their  waterproof walkman is ready for the pool with their bold new packaging.
Following the recent anniversary of the launch of Facebook, this week we celebrate another 10th birthday in consumer tech. Flickr takes a look at the important milestones of their first decade.
For the first time, surgeons used smartglasses developed by researchers at Washington University to identify cancer cells during operation.
After the announcement Thursday, The Washington Post examines how the merger between Time Warner and Comcast will affect consumers.
Instagram prepares to include advertisements but on their own terms. Their newly published branding book details the ”authentic” and “user-generated” look that they expect from their ads.
The CEO of Estimote sees iBeacon sensors as the “Uber-ization” of a consumer’s airport experience and eventually their day-to-day life.
Twitter considers redesigning the look of their user profile page.
What tech news are you  most excited about this week?