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From Smartphone to Wearables: CEA’s 2013 Market Research Highlights

Rhonda Daniel, Consumer Technology Association
Throughout 2013, the market research team at CEA conducted studies on a range of consumer technology topics, painting a picture of the technology ecosystem. The research team has surveyed approximately 40,000 U.S. consumers, 9,000 global consumers, as well as business professionals and released 31 reports. Some highlights from this year include:

3D printer sales are expected to increase drastically to $74 million in 2014 from an estimated $52 million in 2013. (Source: U.S. Consumer Electronics Sales and Forecasts)

Dedicated wearable fitness devices tripled in ownership from 2012 (three percent) to 2013 (nine percent). CEA projects the explosive growth to continue for the foreseeable future. (Source: Understanding the Market for Wearable Health and Fitness Devices)

The combined total minutes spent on activities requiring data connectivity on smartphones now far outpaces talking on these devices. Across different activities, smartphone owners spend an average of nearly two hours (114 minutes) using their devices each day. The top activities in terms of average time spent each day include talking (23 minutes), texting (20 minutes), using email (18 minutes), visiting websites (16 minutes) and social networking (11 minutes.) (Source: Smartphones: Consumer Behavioral Trends)

And, coming up in early 2014, research on wireless speakers, apps, in-vehicle technologies and video content. 

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