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Connectivity: The Future of Innovation

Kelsey Pommer, Sr. Coordinator, Digital Media Marketing, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™
While mobile devices continue to drive connectivity, the next decade of consumer technology promises the connectivity of billions of objects. CEA expects that smartphones and tablets will account for 43 percent of global technology spending in 2014, indicating consumers worldwide are focused on mobility.

Smartphones currently rank among the top technology products owned/used, and both smartphones and tablets rank among the top five devices used to connect to the Internet across all countries surveyed in CEA’s Global Consumer Technology Trends.  

However, this is just the beginning for connectivity. As displayed at the 2014 International CES, the Internet of Things allows our everyday objects to connect to the Internet and enhance our daily lives.
“While smartphones and tablets remain the leading entry points of mobile connectivity for consumers around the world, it is clear that connectivity will soon no longer center on just these ubiquitous devices,” said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, CEA. “Consumer demand for ‘anytime/anywhere’ connectivity will drive the growth of the Internet of Things, which has even greater economic and social reverberations than we saw with the first wave of the Internet.”        

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