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3D Printed Houses, Facebook ‘Look Back’ Videos and More: Check What You May Have Missed in Tech News

Kelsey Pommer, Sr. Coordinator, Digital Media Marketing, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™

As you get ready to take off for the weekend, here’s a quick roundup of some of the coolest tech news we’ve seen recently. Enjoy!

Grab your tissues and get ready to laugh. The Washington Post compiled this year’s best tech commercials from the big game. 

Kickstarter-funded children’s book “Hello Ruby” will teach kids the fundamentals of coding.

Google is tweaking its search to make YouTube music videos easier to find.

University of Southern California researchers have built a 3D printer that can create a house in just one day.

Facebook celebrated its 10th anniversary this week and created a “Look Back” video summary of each user’s most liked photos and activity.

What tech news caught your eye this week?