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Chinese Consumers Outspend U.S. on Consumer Electronics, CEA Study Finds

Sean Murphy

CEA’s latest Global Consumer Technology Trends report examines the state of the industry in China.

Although China is the world’s most populous nation with the second largest GDP, only one in five (23 percent) Chinese households have Internet access. This online population is notably affluent and keen to adopt new and existing technologies. On average, online Chinese adults spend 5,559 RMB (approximately $917 USD) on consumer electronics, higher than the U.S. average of $483. Three in five (61 percent) online Chinese expect their CE spending to increase, the highest percentage of any market CEA surveyed.

Based on their spending (both household and personal), future spending intentions and average discreet product ownership, online Chinese adults are ardent technology enthusiasts. In addition, online Chinese adults report strong purchase intent, especially for televisions, smartphones and tablets (among other products). In sum, the consumer technology market in China is poised for solid growth as incomes rise and infrastructure improvements take hold.

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