Recycling and Energy Efficiency

The consumer technology industry has a long-standing commitment to environmentally friendly practices, and it’s never been more important to preserve and promote the health of our planet.

To illustrate how the consumer technology industry is making progress toward a healthier environment, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) released the CTA 2017 Sustainability Report.


The consumer technology industry has worked towards reducing the impact of packaging on the environment. Consumer technology manufacturers are already designing sustainable packages that reduce size and weight, while also increasing the amount of recyclable materials.

  • Consumer electronics currently represent about 21 percent of the e-commerce stream in the United States. AMERIPEN's White Paper Optimizing Packaging for an E-commerce World looks at opportunities for improvement and optimization across industry sectors, such as designing specific e-commerce packaging.
  • CTA’s recycling and packaging curriculum was distributed to 16,500 schools across California, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont, reaching 61,000 educators and more than two million students and families.
  • Both manufacturers and retailers, such as Amazon, Best Buy, HP, Microsoft and more, have already made progress in Reducing the Impact of Packaging.

Recycling Initiatives

The consumer technology industry has worked together the bring awareness about and increase the availability of electronics recycling.

  • We launched the eCycling Leadership Initiative (ELI), spearheaded by CTA, to help recycle more than 2 billion pounds of consumer electronics and increase awareness about the country’s more than 8,500 recycling locations.

  • Tech companies are sponsoring local recycling drives in communities across the country.

  • We’ve produced nationally broadcast PSAs to promote responsible recycling.

  • We’ve distribute curriculums nationally in English and Spanish to educate grade school students about the importance of recycling

  • CTA is striving to make the industry’s largest technology show, CES, as green as possible.

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Energy Efficiency Initiative and Studies

CTA and its members are leading the way in improving the energy efficiency of consumer electronics.

  • The Green Initiative aims to increase the energy efficiency of small network equipment and set-top boxes through industry-led voluntary agreements.

  • The Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Impacts of Telecommuting and e-Commerce (2015) identifies how increased use of tech devices for telecommuting and e-commerce has lowered national energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Energy Consumption of CE in U.S. Homes in 2013 (2014) found that consumer electronics account for only 12 percent of energy use in the home.

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