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Startup Membership

What Is Startup Membership? 

We believe every company deserves a seat at the table. That’s why we offer a discounted membership category to startup companies at only $95/year. You can stay at the $95 rate for up to two consecutive years. At the end of that two year term, dues increase to $200 a year, provided that revenue is under $2 million, for a maximum length of three years.

To qualify for Startup Membership, your company must meet the following five conditions:

  1. Manufacturer and/or distributor of consumer electronics or related products, or a provider of a technology or service that interoperates with or enhances a CT device.
  2. Annual revenue is under $1 million.
  3. North America office or business location.
  4. You’ve introduced your first product, service or app to market within the last year or are planning to do so in the upcoming 12 months.
  5. You have not previously been a CTA member under another membership category.

Due to the dramatically reduced price, Startup Members do not qualify for the CES exhibit space discount.

*Please note: Access to membership benefits is not available until your membership dues are paid in full. Membership dues are nonrefundable.

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