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Do I Qualify for Associate Membership? 

If your company conducts business within the consumer technology industry but does not manufacture or sell consumer technology products or services, then your home at the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™ starts with an associate membership. Examples of associate members include consultants, investment firms and analysts. A North America business location is required.

What Is the Cost to Join?

Annual dues are based on your company’s annual U.S. revenue. To ensure the accuracy of member dues, CTA may ask prospective members to provide supporting documentation. All information provided will be kept strictly confidential.

Associate Annual Dues Annual Revenue
$350 Associate less than $1 million
$750 Associate $1-10 million
$1,500 Associate $10-30 million
$3,500 Associate $30-100 million
$7,500 Associate $100-500 million
$10,000 Associate over $500 million
Research/Analyst Firms Annual Dues Annual Revenue
$1,000 Research/Analyst Firms less than $1 million
$5,000 Research/Analyst Firms $1-10 million
$10,000 Research/Analyst Firms $10-30 million
$20,000 Research/Analyst Firms $30-100 million
$30,000 Research/Analyst Firms over $100 million

*Please note: Access to membership benefits is not available until your membership dues are paid in full. Membership dues are nonrefundable.

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