Connected Home Security Checklist

Welcome to the Connected Home Security System

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™ Connected Home Security System helps guide connected home dealers and professionals through the most secure and best practices available for installing and configuring products, devices and systems. 

The system includes three parts:

  1. The Connected Home Security Whitepaper (PDF) outlining each of the disciplines involved, what needs to be done, and links to how and why each function should be completed.
  2. The Connected Home Security Checklist (PDF) to use when you are not on a connected device.
  3. The Connected Home Security Online Tool.

Who Should Use This System

You should be familiar with the disciplines and processes covered in the system, which are explained in detail in the Connected Home Security Whitepaper.

Each section of the system references the Connected Home Security Whitepaper and outlines the application steps. 

Read Connected Home Security Whitepaper. (PDF)

How to Use The Online Tool

You can use the online tool as a flight-style checklist to remind you what you should do on every job, or you can use it as a thorough scoring system to determine how well you have secured a system.  

To use the online tool: 

  1. Select the disciplines, products and devices to be installed or configured. PASSWORDS, NETWORKING and MODEMS/ROUTERS are required sections and make up approximately half of your score, because these are the most critical parts of securing a system.
  2. Walk through each section, which outlines what you need to do to secure those devices and subsystems. 
  3. See your final score for the system.
  4. You can email the scoring sheet to your client, showing not only what you did to secure their home system, but also how you completed it following best practices and proper procedure.