Startup Member Working Group
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Startup Member Working Group

Whether CES® is your platform to get discovered or you take part in our mentoring, advocacy, promotional, market research and networking programs, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® is your go-to resource to connect with our more than 2,200 member companies and help grow your business.
Learn, Network and Grow with CTA

Learn, Network and Grow with CTA

Help guide CTA's startup-focused programs and initiatives.

  • CTA Mentor Program
  • Eureka Park at CES®
  • Online business education with leading expert presenters
  • Innovation Entrepreneur Awards
  • Invitation-only networking events
  • CTA Research
  • Public policy advocacy for startup

Startup Member Participation Criteria

  1. Must be a CTA Startup Member (company must meet the following conditions):
    • Annual revenue is under $1 million.
    • North America office or business location.
    • The company has introduced a product, service or app to market within the last year or is planning to do so in the upcoming 12 months.
    • The company has not previously been a CTA member under another membership category.
  2. Must be Uniquely Innovative (company must excel in at least one of the following areas):
    • Created new opportunities where traditional markets didn’t
    • Created a new market
    • Caused an existing market to diminish
    • Solved a problem or provided a non-traditional solution
    • Simplified a commonly used process or service

How You Can Participate

Contact Kelsey Kelly to learn how you can get involved.